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3 Effective Interior Design Planning solutions from AB Interior Design Kolkata

Interior design is a creative way to makes your room look gorgeous. At AB Interior Design Kolkata are ready to cater to the need of Kolkata and West Bengal homeowners who are eager to transform the living space into a cosy, comfortable setup. We are a team of interior design specialists capable of transforming everything from the living room interior space to implementing the best bathroom designs.

A Range Of Design Solution For Your Living Space From Us

Focus on the living room

Discussion on decorating marvelously is a never ending joy. The living room designs can be done in diversified ways. There is plenty that we can do to transform this space. Here are some of the ideas to implement in the living space.

  • One of the essential aspects here will be to select the right furniture. The key will be to set aside emotions here and implement strategic changes. Is there a decades-old loveseat or a recliner that is not working anymore? You will have to replace it and invest in a couch.
  • Our strategy will be to create a focal point for the room. Most Kolkata apartments are small, and hence there is a need to make a focal point. It could be an oversized mirror, and these are the changes that help transform the room.
  • We also look to implement the best lightning themes, which should also transform the room.

Allure your Dining Space

We also offer our clients dining room interior design, and this is a segment where we help you make a mark. It is for the dining room that we can suggest plenty of ways to get a high-end look without paying much. One of the simplest ways to achieve the purpose is to apply a coat of paint. Paint is inexpensive and easy to use. You can leave the implementation part to us, bringing about a transformation to the walls.

There is also a scope to create an impact via floral arrangements. It is not in every part of the living space that you can decorate with flowers, but the dining room is expected. A lovely floral combination running through the length and breadth of the table will make a statement. An interesting idea to implement but on a budget is to wallpaper the space. It can create a significant difference in the room.

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